About the Artists

Tiffany Lange

Tiffany Lange, Pink Rainstorm

Tiffany Lange translates the history of craft traditions and women’s work into a contemporary painting and sculpture context. Growing up in the Midwest, family traditions and constructed gender roles evolved into her questioning the idea of traditional painting. Using sewing and cutting techniques, sometimes adding found materials, she manipulates the canvas in unconventional ways. Layering colors and patterns from 90s pop culture and toys, her most recent work is a playful and nostalgic peek into her experiences of being a girl of the 90s.

Lange received her BFA in Painting, with a minor in Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. While there she served as the Bud and Betty Micheels Artist-in-Residence and was selected to be published in the annual University of Wisconsin-Stout Journal of Student Research. Her work has been shown in multiple exhibitions in the Twin Cities and around the US, including most recently at the Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis and Gallery 110 in Seattle. This past September, Lange served as an artist-in-resident at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, CO. Beyond her studio practice, Lange serves as Gallery Coordinator at Soo Visual Arts Center.

Artist’s website: tiffanylangestudio.com
Instagram: @tiffanylangestudio

Hilary Greenstein

Hilary Greenstein in her studio.

Hilary Greenstein 
is a figurative painter who draws inspiration from vintage photographs, awkward pinups, cacti, and tacky sweaters. She uses painting to blur lines between reality and fiction, care and harm, self and other. In contrast to art’s history of making the female body known, she uses paint for its veiling effect, for its ability to seduce while resisting easy answers. Painting can be a disguise, a simultaneous revealing and re/veiling. Her anachronistic female figures are painted into claustrophobic new spaces outside time. These women occupy abstract environments, wherein layers of dimensionality and flatness defy direct narratives. When figures come together it is often in ambiguous embraces, or with an air of accomplices in something unknown. Lurking in the whimsy, you may catch glimpses of fierce vulnerability, ranging from the meditative, to the uncanny, to the frantic.

Greenstein received her BFA in Drawing and Painting from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2013. You may have seen her paintings around Minnesota at Gamut Gallery, Rochester Center for the Arts, Rosalux Gallery, and Hopkins Center for the Arts. She paints in studio 206A of the California Building in Northeast Minneapolis, and welcomes the public to visit her there during Art-a-Whirl® and other open studio events. In her spare time she works tirelessly to keep her cat, Charlemagne, out of trouble. Greenstein is a Scorpio, but please don’t let that scare you.

Artist’s website: www.hilarygreenstein.com
Instagram: @hilarygreensteinart