MANUAL TRANSMISSION is  Red Garage Studio’s summer series of pop-up shows & art events. Curated by Allison Ruby, each show features guest artists showing new work in the garage and gardens. The idea of these shows is not to simply exhibit work, but to use art as a catalyst for conversation and community connection. Opening night means a relaxed party in the garden with food, music, and new friends, and may include additional activities such as performance, multimedia, or experiential elements.

As the name of the series suggests, all MANUAL TRANSMISSION work is created using hand processes, with minimal or no technology or digital fabrication. Even multimedia work, which obviously involves technology to produce, is created with the direct action of the artist such as hand-drawn animation, hand photographic manipulation, or performance. The idea is to remove the idea of mediation and embrace the beautiful uniqueness and imperfection of human creativity.

The other defining feature of these shows is that all the work contains an element of humor or playfulness. This idea of humor is widely defined, and may be expressed in any number of ways, whether in content, concept, form, or chosen media. The humor might be something you have to actively look for. Some work is laugh-out-loud funny, some subtly satirical, some referential, and some bittersweet, even heart-breaking.