The 2018 season of Manual Transmission has come to an end and the door is down ‘til spring. Info on 2019 season coming soon!

While each season is different, this year we had four shows for a varied feast of styles and media. First and Third Gear were solo shows with the artists creating two very different immersive experiences of 2D and 3D work. In June, Larsen Husby used the idea and imagery of maps as a narrative foundation of movement, exploration, discovery, and truth-telling. While in August, Hillary Price brought surreal worlds of glowing forms, painted surfaces, and three-dimensional organisms, parallel to the inner workings of the mind expanding into the universe around us, searching for moments when the universe echoes back.
Second Gear, in July, featured mixed media sculpture and installation work by Teréz Iacovino and Jack Pavlik, examining how the objects, materials, and systems that we interact with every day take on meaning for us, affecting our behavior, actions, and emotions  
And Fourth Gear was two shows in one! The Sketchbook Show included 30 artists with practices covering everything from painting and printmaking to public art and film, all sharing sketchbooks they kept over the summer. It coincided with Red Garage’s First Annual Mail Art Trade Show, with mail art from here and around the world, that were exchanged and mailed on after the show.
Check back in spring for more information on next summer’s shows!

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