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Last Fall . . .

This year’s Free Fall showis the culmination of a summer long twist on the classic Exquisite Corpse drawing game. 21 Twin Cities artists were randomly assigned a corporeal section — head, torso, or legs — and given blind connecting points, then told to run with it. No one knows who’s in which group or what the others are making. We’ll see what happens! 

→  Thoughts from the Curator . . .

Exquisite Corpse Show Artists:

Abbie Baldwin
Preston Drum
Mary Gibney
Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger
Peter Harris
Jim Hittinger
Teréz Iacovino
Bianca Jarvis
Jeremy Jones
Samantha Leopold -Sullivan
Mari Mansfield
Liv Novotny
Edie Overturf
Terrence Payne
alex m.petersen
Nina Martine-Robinson
Allison Ruby
John Sauer
Jennifer A. Schultz
Kate Vinson
Russ White

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→  What is Exquisite Corpse? . . .

Free Fall also includes Red Garage Studio’s 2nd Annual Mail Art Trade/Show!

A call was put out and artists from around world responded! 
Whatever the mail carrier dropped off is in the show. When the show is over, everyone participating in the trade gets someone else’s piece mailed back to them.
This year’s theme: “Sideshow Slideshow.”
→ View the Mail Art Show’s online gallery . . .

Now in its fourth year, MANUAL TRANSMISSION is a monthly series of short-term exhibitions and participatory events held throughout the summer. Curated by Allison Ruby, each show features guest artists showing new work in the garage and gardens. The idea of these shows is not to simply exhibit work, but to use art as a catalyst for conversation and community connection. The final show of the season is called FREE FALL, which is traditionally a large group show involving some type of collaboration or experimentation. Closing day involves a community potluck dinner for artists and friends of Red Garage Studio.

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