Opening August 23!
MANUAL TRANSMISSION’s Fourth Gear show promises an out-of-this-world 3D bonanza! Searching Space is an immersive sculptural installation that surrounds you with visceral creatures and abstracted figures in dialogue with industrial objects and raw space. Using latex, neon, cast metal, and industrial materials, artist Samantha Leopold-Sullivan creates eerie and emotional forms that serve as externalizations of our creature-selves. Hand stitching and molding supports an intuitive approach that plays with scale, nuanced color, and uncomfortable formulations. Through these processes, Leopold-Sullivan sees her work as a form of ritual. She brings forth Shadows for confrontation, recognition, and eventual reconciliation. Provoking reflection and questioning in artist and viewer alike, her goal is for us to gain and share an understanding of our internal motivations and psychic strife.
7-10 pm
Show runs August 23 – September 8
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[Note: This show may not be appropriate for young children. Parental discretion advised.]

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