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Exquisite Corpse Artists:

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ABBIE BALDWIN is a Minneapolis based artist and landscaper. Her work centers on finding unexpected connections between found materials, often by anthropomorphizing the inanimate.

PRESTON DRUM was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. His paintings, sculptures, videos and interactive installations explore notions of memory and performance through non-linear storytelling. Drum’s work is often site-specific and collaborative in nature, framing the audience as a participant in the art. Drum is also a member of the Minnesota based artist group, CarryOn Homes, whose mission is to raise awareness of social issues through the creation of artworks.

MARY GIBNEY is a Minneapolis artist who is inspired by body parts, peculiarities, weirdos and misfits. In her recent show at Hair + Nails Contemporary Arts she transformed a tiny space into Mindhole, an immersive art environment complete with hanging and impaled papier mache heads, paintings, drawings, collages, child size furniture and toys. She has shown work at Soovac, Rosalux, TuckUnder Projects, Made Here/Artists in Storefronts, Gallery 71, 801 Washington and many other spaces. She has a BFA from the University of Minnesota.

CARMEN GUTIERREZ-BOLGER’s work draws on her experiences growing up as a Cuban immigrant in southern Florida. She merges her personal history with typical Cuban iconography and fashion narratives that interpret the spiritual, mythical and cultural dimensions of her two identities. She uses found objects and materials and think of them as artifacts that possess haptic memory and therefore stimulate the viewer’s own recollections. Scattered images of home and place and time convey the immigrant struggle to assimilate, a struggle that can last a lifetime.

PETER HARRIS is a painting and drawing artist based in Portland, Oregon. Peter often uses portraiture as a vehicle to explore memory, intuition, and gesture. The Exquisite Corpse project aligns with his interest in collage, collaboration, and improvisation.

JIM HITTINGER is a Twin Cities based visual artist working primarily in the media of drawing and painting, whose work has been widely exhibited locally and nationally. Jim is a lecture faculty member in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota and is represented by Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis.

TERÉZ IACOVINO is a visual artist and curator, based in Minneapolis. Her interdisciplinary works spanning sculpture, printmaking, and installation, often employ a mix of DIY culture, systems aesthetics, and a taste for the irrational. Recent projects explore the complexities of familial dynamics: the truthiness of family stories, how we process loss through objects left behind after death, and the dysfunctional relationships that span generations.

BIANCA JARVIS experiments with print processes, installation, and collage to understand how memory is transformed through the labor of making and the insight gained through repetition. Collecting and transforming family archives recovers the intimacy between exterior and interior spaces that memories of home occupy. Translating these archives through different media serves as a metaphoric process for fragmented memory and recreates experiences as her imagination recalls them. “I honor the rhythm in reviving the past, arguing for the necessity of giving ourselves the time and space to reflect, remember, imagine, and possibly escape from the present.”
Instagram: @biancajarvis

JEREMY JONES is a Twin Cities sculptor working in a multitude of materials from ceramics, plaster, fiberglass, wood and casting. His art practice is manifested during cracks in the day from his commute, at break/lunch time, and after the kids go to bed. His Parenthood series consists of humorous, ominous and toy-like portraits, while “Bodies” explores the heaviness/weightlessness of being in and out of a temporary vessel. Jones earned a BFA in ceramics and sculpture from the University of Wyoming and an MFA in sculpture from Wichita State University.

SAMANTHA LEOPOLD-SULLIVAN creates visceral creatures in dialogue with industrial objects, deepening self-understanding and reflection within the viewer. She is active in the Conspiracy of Strange Girls and Dark Art Society collectives, and has sculpture installed at Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, Salem Art Works, and Franconia Sculpture Park. Her works were exhibited in Solid Gone at Sordoni Gallery and Digital Iron, part of the 8th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art. Leopold-Sullivan has an MFA in Sculpture-Dimensional Studies from Alfred University and is currently the Hot Iron Intern Coordinator and a Kids Make Sculpture instructor at Franconia Sculpture Park.
Instagram: @sleopoldsullivan

MARI MANSFIELD is an Illustrator and oil painter from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She completed her BFA in Illustration and Art Education at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Currently, Mansfield works at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis as a Special Education Assistant and focuses on creating work and art sales in her spare time. Mansfield likes to create work that is focused on the beauty and grace of the human figure and natural world.
Instagram: @marimansfield

LIV NOVOTNY is a muralist, sign painter and printmaker living in South Minneapolis. They love to create collaboratively and many of their murals engage the community of the area served in both the design and painting. They teach after school mural classes for Minneapolis Public Schools and work for GoodSpace Murals, and organization that promotes community development through murals and mosaics.

Instagram: @liv.novotny

EDIE OVERTURF is a printmaker currently living in Portland, Oregon, where she is a Professor of Printmaking and Drawing at Mount Hood Community College. Edie’s work is rooted in traditional printmaking methods, and drawing is an essential part of her studio practice. The Exquisite Corpse project was a great departure from using drawing as a means to an end revolving around printmaking outcomes.

TERRENCE PAYNE has been examining how people use their relationships towards one another to build on their own identity as well as to influence the behaviors of those around them with his colorful large scale archetypical portraits since he came to Minnesota in the early 1990’s. Terrence’s artwork can be found in museum, private and corporate collections around the globe and has received critical acclaim and recognition from Beautiful Decay, Juxtapoz, Dwell Magazine, Bust Magazine, It’s Nice That, Brown Paper Bag, The Jealous Curator, and Boooooom. In the spring of 2002 Terrence founded what has become one of the longest running artists collectives in Minnesota called Rosalux Gallery, which he has served as director helping to further the careers of over 80 Minnesota artists.

 alex m. petersen renders a fine line between the humorous and erotic, igniting conversations between sex and gender, nature and technology, the contemporary and tomorrow. Speculation and science fiction drive his work, carefully leading those who engage with it into complex and playful posthuman narratives. His Queer identity plays into his art in a way that is personal and unique, moving away from recognizable, and socially solidified LGBT representations, towards a plethora of all-inclusive and imaginative possibilities. Imagery of the natural world, rendered in fantastically unrealistic color, consumer waste, detailed in its tragic exactitude, and sexually progressive trans-human protagonists cheerfully invite the viewer to suspend expectations, question mediated forms of representation, and come along for a surprisingly pleasurable ride.

NINA MARTINE ROBINSON is a textile artist and avid sewist. She creates multi dimensional work through painting, stitching and manipulating fabric. Robinson began working with textiles at an early age and has embraced many facets of the textile crafts genre. Much of her recent work is processed based, manipulation of fabric with stitching and folding to create dimension and texture. She continues to explore where her stitching will take her, pushing boundaries to create conceptual shapes and biomorphic forms.

Instagram: @collaborativeseamstress

ALLISON RUBY is a Minneapolis-based artist whose work includes painting, sculpture, installation, guerrilla intervention, and creative gardening. Plants and trees often serve as both muse and medium in a practice based firmly in contemporary urban life. Allison explores our relationship to what we call “Nature”: how we see it, talk about it, experience it, manipulate it, cherish it, and turn our backs on it.
Ruby has a BFA in Visual Art, with a minor in Horticulture, from the University of Minnesota. Beyond her studio practice, she is Red Garage Studio’s curator and creative director.
Facebook: @redgaragestudio
Instagram: @redgaragestudio

JOHN SAUER thinks of his work as a visual mix tape, with each painting part of a larger story. The goal is to connect with people and share a slightly wobbly view of the world using a wide variety of themes and interests, both highbrow and lowbrow, often with a little humor and a bit of pathos added.
With a background in illustration, over time Sauer has shifted his focus toward an independent path in fine art. His paintings have most recently been seen at Rogue Buddha Gallery, and his work is collected across the country.
Instagram: @johnsauerart

JENNIFER SCHULTZ is a textile artist and costumer. She focuses her creative lens on human nature and relationships, and the tensions between people and place. Imagery begins on paper in mixed media, and is then printed on fabric for further manipulation. Recycled materials, natural dyes and hand-sewing are prominent in her work.
Facebook: @jenniferaschultzfibers

KATE VINSON is a sculptor working primarily with natural fibers and traditional techniques. She uses easily accessible materials to create contemporary forms. Through these forms, grounded in an organic sensibility interpreted with an element of transformation, she explores philosophical constructs such as: being/becoming, existence/potential, ways of knowing, universality, and the lived experience.

RUSS WHITE is an artist, designer, and writer based in the Casket Arts Building in Northeast Minneapolis. Consisting primarily of large scale colored pencil drawings and sculptural installations, White’s work uses a kind of cartoonish realism to visualize complicated social and personal themes. His work is an exploration of contemporary life in all its complexity: it is at once funny and somber, personal and political, comically bright and darkly serious. White also works as the editor of both MPLSART.COM and In Studio, NEMAA’s annual magazine and directory.
Instagram: @russwhiteart


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