Call for Art: The Group Sex Show

Call Closes: Friday, August 25, 2017
Show Dates: September 29-October 8, 2017

The Group Sex Show is a baudy look at sexual expression and identity. Feel free to come at it from any angle.

This adult-geared, small group show is open to all styles, media, and types of 2D and 3D artwork. Outdoor sculpture and multimedia work also a possibility if able to accommodate.

Looking for unique, titillating pieces that are playful, downright funny, over-the-top even, but NOT pornographic. (What is considered pornographic? I know it when I see it.)

Red Garage Studio is not climate controlled, so work should be able to withstand a certain amount of fluctuation of temperature and humidity. Pieces intended to be displayed outside must be able to withstand the weather and will not be brought inside at night or in the case of rain.

There are no specific restrictions as to the size of work, but do keep in mind the scale of the space. If you have not visited Red Garage Studio before, look at the Facebook page or website to get an idea.

→ Artists may submit up to 5 pieces for consideration in the show.

Dates to know

• Application Deadline: August 25
• Notification of selection: Monday, September 4 (Labor Day)
• Drop off of work: Monday, September 25
• Show Dates: September 29-October 8, 2017

Costs, Sale of Work, and Responsibilities

There is no fee to submit work for consideration.

Artists whose work is selected may be asked for a small contribution to help offset the costs of the show. This money goes towards maintaining the space, hardware, lighting, web promotion, and reception supplies. This request should not deter anyone for which it is a hardship from participating in the show

The primary mission of Red Garage Studio is to foster creative community and provide opportunities for artists to share their work with the wider public in a relaxed, comfortable setting that fosters conversation and connection. While my main focus is to create a great show, I am happy to do all I can to facilitate the sale of any work to interested parties. Artists decide whether their work is for sale, set their own prices, and keep 100% of the proceeds of any sale.

Chosen artists are responsible for:

• Delivering and picking up their work and other requested material according to timeline provided.
• Making sure work is fully ready to install upon delivery.
• Helping to promote show by sharing promos on social media, etc.
• Insuring work against theft or damage if desired.

Red Garage Studio curates all shows and provides:

• Installation and deinstallation of work.
• Gallery sitting during open hours.
• Facilitation of sales.
• Designing ads and promotion of show and individual artists featured, primarily through social media, local arts newsletters, email list, and website.
• Planning opening night event and providing refreshments.

How to Apply

Artists can submit up to five pieces for consideration for this show. Each of these pieces will be considered individually. That is, an artist may have one piece accepted in the show or five, all depends. Work that consists of multiple individual parts intended only to be shown together and in relation to one another, will be considered one piece, within reason. A series of similar but individual pieces are considered separate submissions.

Only those submissions turned in on time, fully complete, and in the specified formats will be considered.

Complete submissions include all of the following in the indicated formats and must be sent as one email:

1. Artist Application/Information Form (Available via the link below.)
→ If a collaborative group, please include info for each member of the group.

2. Up to 5 jpeg images (max 1000×1000 px.) One image per piece. Artists may submit up to five pieces. File names of each of the images should clearly indicate the artist’s name and which submitted piece it pictures.


Send all of the above in one email to:

Direct questions to
or send a message via the Red Garage Studio Facebook page.


Image at top of page: Heironymous Bosch, Central Panel from Garden of Earthly Delights (ca. 1500)