Allison Ruby is a Minneapolis-based artist whose work includes painting, sculpture, installation, guerrilla intervention, and creative gardening. Plants and trees often serve as both muse and medium in a practice based firmly in contemporary urban life. Allison explores our relationship to what we call “Nature”: how we see it, talk about it, experience it, manipulate it, cherish it, and turn our backs on it.

Hand-milled wood and cheap construction boards, repurposed domestic objects and industrial hardware, fallen sticks and branches, stones, even living plants — these are the materials that form the basis of her practice. She combines them with an unnaturally bright, cartoonish painting palette, pulsating patterns, tangled forms, and an eccentric approach to scale and perspective, untethered by day-to-day reality. In her works you will see cycles of emergence and fading away, of joy, movement and energy, as well as stasis and entropy. You will recognize the workings of nature, as well as signs of human impositions and interventions. You will see entanglements and layers of time, ever moving, morphing, changing, growing.

Allison has a BFA in Visual Art, with a minor in Horticulture, from the University of Minnesota. Her creative practice extends to and intertwines with an expertise in organic gardening and edible landscaping, which draws off a background in permaculture and biodynamic principles and techniques. Beyond her studio practice, she curates and hosts a series of summer exhibitions and art events at Red Garage Studio, a unique, alternative gallery space she runs from a converted South Minneapolis garage.