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The Microaggressions/Cinch Couch, 2017.
Deconstructed couch, wire, wood, and 10,000 feet of rope and twine.

Each knot reflects one small, mindless yet purposeful act that creates a fabric covering a hollow framework. You are free to sit there uncomfortably.


Boing Boing, 2016
Mixed media installation with plants.

Screen 1
Painted wood folding screen.
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Love Makes You Loopy, 2016
Mixed media.
Commission for 2016 Valentine Theme Show, Studio 359, Minneapolis.
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Mixed media installation. Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Minneapolis.

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Lush, 2015
Mixed media installation for Lush Cosmetics store, Edina, Minnesota. Commission for the 2015 Edina Art Crawl Artists in Windows.
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Hot Seat
, 2014
Chili peppers, wood, rope, wire, repurposed chair frame.
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Tannenbaum Chair
, 2014
Fresh cut evergreen boughs, twigs, wood, wire, repurposed chair frame, 2014.692   694    687

The Living Room Project
, 2014
Living sculpture installation, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, West Bank Campus. Project included public education project via social media, on issues having to do with pollinator protection and small space edible gardening.
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Density Housing for the Modern Urban Fairy
, 2014.
Mixed media public art installation.  Edina Promenade, Edina, Minnesota.      532   348282   288     287   286285   276 270

The Birdhouse Project
, 2013
Wood construction and mixed media installation. Fall installation at University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, West Bank Campus. Winter installation at Minneapolis residence with invitation for community interaction and collaboration in decorating.

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The Treehole Project
, 2013
Mixed media guerilla mini-installations in treeholes around Minneapolis.
Ongoing project, all not pictured.

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Fairy Houses, 2012
Wood construction and found objects.
fairy houses   IMG_0845_0146IMG_0853_0154   IMG_0858_0159